What is Geotargeting and How It Works for Popups

targeting is the segmenting of plausible customers taking into consideration the specific traits of people living in a certain region. You can use this info to fulfill marketing objectives. These peculiarities are either specific national traits or features that are dependent upon particular regional conditions. Simply put, there are multiple characteristic features inherent to people living in different locations of the world. Additionally, there may be other circumstances that condition the interests and needs of people living in a particular region. With the advance of modern technologies new opportunities have emerged making geotargeting more flexible and more real. Actually, geotargeting works for popups in the smartest way.

Why you need to segment customers

The multiple types of online tools and informative resources have made it possible to outsource the necessary data for segmenting customers. So, no matter you own an online or a traditional store, you need to segment plausible customers. Due to this,  you can control marketing costs and funds thus making marketing efforts more effective. This way, diverse backgrounds and experiences will give you clues on where to focus marketing operations.

Let’s scrutinize some criteria to consider when segmenting plausible customers.   

Segmenting can be based on different factors

  • Demographic condition of the region

Focusing efforts you should keep in mind the demographic condition of people living in the area. For instance, if you try to sell expensive products and target an area where poverty prevails, you will end up with making large expenses on advertising. Meanwhile, you will get less or no profit at all.

  • Traditions and mentality of people

Every nation has its specific mentality and traditions that should be accepted as such. As a marketer, you should consider these traits when offering products and services so as to direct the efforts on the relevant audience.

  • Holidays and events

Before international and specific national holidays and events, you can reach out to targeted customers thus promoting your sales’ offers. You can make special holiday sales or you can offer items for the celebrations.

  • The climatic peculiarities of the region

Climatic peculiarities play a huge role in geotargeting. For instance, if there is much snow in a particular locale, the main interest of people living, working or travelling to the area will be skiing, ice skating, snowboarding, sledding, etc. On the contrary, if it is hot in an area, people will most possibly be excited about products and items that would protect them from the sun.

  • The terrain

It is very important to consider whether there are many mountains or plains in the area. For instance, cycling will certainly be more common in plains. Whereas activities like hiking are more common in mountainous territories. It follows that if you sell bikes or provide some kind of byking  services, you should target the right audience.

  • Eating habits and entertainment preferences,

It’s well known that the Chinese use a lot of rice in their meals. The British people drink much tea. So, it’s more than clear that segmentation taking into account eating habits is quite real. As to entertainment preferences, some areas are intended for active and other areas for passive rest. For instance, holidays on the beach are overwhelmingly active, whereas the rest at a sanatorium is mainly passive.

  • The main occupation of people living and/or working in the area

Some countries have many industrial cities, others have developed agriculture and farming. This is another factor to consider when segmenting plausible customers according to the geographical location.

  • The health condition of people living in a particular region

Suppose you have produced a herb or medicine effective for curing some kind of disease. For proper targeting, you should do analysis and find out in which areas the number of people suffering it prevails.

Outsourcing the Info

Thus, in order to segment plausible customers relative to their geographical location, you need to have the necessary info about their style of living, needs and preferences. There are many ways to outsource this info. You can do some research in the Internet, make online surveys, collect geographical info about the subscriber. What’s more, use cookies to analyse the search queries. Use this info on the social platforms. When you already possess the necessary data, you can reach out to plausible customers with relevant and targeted ads.  

How Geotargeting Works for Popups

As you may already know from our previous posts, stuffing a webpage with popups is impolite. That’s why, based on the outsourced info, you can allow or disallow a popup to be visible in some countries. Imagine you have an online store where you sell various products. You have sales offers for the upcoming celebrations of Halloween. Certainly, you might wish to show the popup ad to countries where Halloween is celebrated. Thus, some products are targeted for specific countries and others are more likely to be better sold in another group of countries. Or else, if your service is only available in several countries, just select the countries from the dropdown menu. This way you allow the popup to show up to users surfing your site from there. So, by refraining some countries and targeting ads to a relevant audience, you will end up with more productive results.

Filter popup for selected countries geotargeting works for popups

To Wrap It Up

        People living in different territories have multiple features that differentiate them. These features concern the habits, mentality, occupation, interests of people living in a particular area. What’s more, specific geographical peculiarities also condition the interests and occupation of people living or working in the territory. Thus, having segmented plausible customers according to these criteria, you will focus your advertising efforts on the right direction. In this article, we have shown how geotargeting works for popups. You can make a popup visible in many countries and also, you can exclude some countries from the list. And as stuffing a website with popups is not recommended, you should perform a detailed analysis and determine the countries where the popup will attract the greatest number of customers. This way, each popup will be properly targeted and aimed at reaching out to a certain interested audience.

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