Geo Targeting

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Geo Targeting extension helps you to manage the popup showing depending on the location (Countries/Cites) and/or the IP of the visitor. Using this tool you can specify IP’s or Countries/Cities where the popup needs to be shown or hidden.
You can make targeted popup offers to your website visitors, depending on their location. Different popups with specific contents for each geo location (country/city/IP) is a perfect solution to get more sales offering exactly what may be related to that part of your visitors.
Simply “Allow” or “Disallow” popup showing for the selected countries and build a bridge to your success. Target visitors with clever popups and show offers that will interest each country specifically.

Yes, the role of Geo Targeting extension is to detect the user country after which you show targeted message.

Yes, you can select multiple countries for which you want to show or hide the popup.

Yes, Geo Targetting extension allows you to show popup depending on user city. 

Geo Targeting popup - Popup Builder
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