Detect Potential Customers’ Shopping Cart Behavior and Come Up with Targeted Popups
Why is it important to come up with targeted offers? It’s a well-known fact that targeting plays a crucial role in marketing. It helps to attract the right audience thus heading marketing efforts to the right direction. Picking up the necessary information from plausible customers’ cart will give you all the power to segment customers according to their cart behavior. At the same time, coming up with a beneficial offer through a popup will increase your chances that cart owners will take action. This is all possible due to the configuration of WooCommerce settings while creating any popup type relevant for this purpose. This way, setting “WooCommerce options” you will give two functionalities to the popup. 1. It will detect [...]
Make Use of Social Proof with Live Sales/Recent Sales Popup
Like it or not, most people often follow the attitudes and behavior of the crowd. The majority will pursue the masses subconsciously. And this psychology works its way into every sphere of life. Most often, it conditions the behavior of customers in relation to a business. Actually, this is logical in a sense that when a business enjoys high demand for their products and/or services, plausible customers must be predisposed to trust it. In contrast, when the business is a startup, at the beginning it’s much more difficult to gain the trust of plausible customers.   Keep Calm and Make Use of Social Proof! As the quantity of customers progresses, even more of them are attracted to avail of your [...]
8 Ways to Build a Stronger Brand Image Online
There are many aspects to consider if you want to build and maintain a positive brand image online. First, it comes down to having an attractive website so that you can realize the other steps. So, let’s start with discussing this point and then go down to the other strategies.        1. Maintain a Visually Appealing Website If you want to ensure the online presence of your business, you should primarily think of launching a visually appealing and functional website. The advanced technologies enable us to create a charming website using different platforms like WordPress, Magento, Drupal, etc. having no coding knowledge at all. This is realized through various plugins that give multiple options to improve the look and [...]
Useful Tips to Build and Grow Your Mailing List
If you wish to be in a constant contact with your plausible customers, you should certainly be looking for effective tips to build and grow your mailing list. Email list is a precious database and a real helping hand when you have started a blog and want to inform your audience about it. Or else, you might want to make an attractive offer pertaining your products, so you can start by handing out exciting email offers to subscribers. So, the role of a targeted mailing list is irrefutable in boosting the number of plausible customers. Consequently, it’s quite reasonable to start looking for useful strategies to grow a mailing list by picking up emails of targeted audience.      Make [...]
5 Easy Steps to Create a Social Media Marketing Strategy
Despite the proven effectiveness of social promotion, marketing efforts will not give the desired results until you have a clear-cut plan of action. You need to keep a bird’s eye view of everything. Employing a reliable strategy helps to get to know customers, as well as competitors in order to think of effective ways to outperform them. It may seem difficult at first glance, however you will find it easier with every step you take. Once you see the results show up, you’ll find that the effort is worth its weight in gold. To begin with, you will need a few useful recommendations to create an efficient SMM strategy.   Build&Maintain Strong Brand Image While trying to build and maintain [...]
Big Sales on Popups Before the International Chocolate Day
Let’s celebrate another occasion to make our lives sweeter on September 13 - the International Chocolate Day. Being in the chocolate industry you must be aware of the significant boost in sales you can have on this day. Just choosing an effective advertising and marketing strategy to inform of the sales on the Chocolate day will work wonders for your business. One of the most successful marketing strategies to advertise and inform of the sales is attracting attention with popups. Popups are compact windows that can announce of the sales in a polite and attractive way. Polite popups are those that appear on a page at an appropriate moment without disturbing user experience on the web. Taking into account the [...]
How to Politely Ask Your Visitors to Turn Off the Ad Blocking Software
Need financial means for the maintenance of your website? Most part of the financial resources come from the ads? Most probably, you must have faced the problem of getting through obstacles caused by Ad Blocking software usage. Users of the web avoid seeing advertisements, so they often add this kind of software to block those ads. So, here we have a task to persuade these users that the ads on our page can be useful for them.   This is now possible through the AdBlock popup   AdBlock popup is an event that can be given to almost any popup type. The idea of the AdBlock event is that it detects the application of an Ad Blocking software. Through this [...]
How to Convert Abandoning Visitors into Subscribers
When a potential customer is leaving a store for another one, it is usually hard to hold them back. This might be the case in real life but things are different in the virtual reality. Because of the short attention span, visitors often skim through a website quickly and pass on to the next resource, probably the one that is more scannable. Fortunately, there are many strategies out there that can attract visitors back to your website. But now we have a task not only to bring back abandoning visitors, but also to ask them to subscribe by providing personal and contact information. It’s amazing the way we can do it through a popup window - through a single message. [...]
Popup Statistics that Come to Prove their Efficiency
Popup ads are compact windows that are frequently employed by site owners in order to push ad content to the forefront of a visitor’s attention. But does this form of online advertising actually work? Research has far proven that lightbox popups perform much better than the traditional popup forms. The reason for this is that lightbox popups are more polite. Numerous researches are conducted from time to time to determine the amount of percentage to which conversions increase through popups. For example, one of the highest converting popups has proven to be the exit-intent technology. On average 35% visitors come back and stick around seeing a 35% discount in the exit-intent popup. This amount is a solid ground to consider [...]
How to Rate Popup Performance Through the Analytics Extension
Modern analytic technologies have made it easier to examine data sets and to draw conclusions. Due to this, businesses can make more precise decisions, increase their overall performance, improve  customer service, foresee the developing marketing trends and thus, become more competitive in the market. In this article, let’s explore how you can rate the performance of popups through a special analytic tool. Having created many popups you might be interested in how they perform on your website. That’s where the analytics extension can be really useful. Through this amazing tool you can get statistics on popup performance and improve it. For this purpose, configure analytic settings. Just select the popup you would like to track and set the date range [...]