The Role of Video Popups on YouTube Video Rankings

In the recent years YouTube marketing is expanding day by day. People all around the world advertise their products and services through making interesting videos and promoting them. For any product owner, it is of utmost importance to boost the ranking of their videos to be more visible and reachable to their audience. The factors influencing a video’s rankings are its comments, shares, likes, views, the quantity of users subscribed to its channel, the match of the title to its content, as well as video quality. It is obvious that in order to receive likes, comments and shares, firstly, you should take every chance to increase the views of your video. With this aim, you can leverage the functionalities of email marketing, promotion on the social websites, inbound marketing for making your video visible, well there also exist many companies selling YouTube views but this sphere isn’t going to be covered within this article. In addition to the above mentioned strategies, there is also a very powerful tool in the hands of marketers that is not so much talked about, however, not of less importance. So, I wonder whether or not you have ever considered generating a video popup on your webpage and afterwards, promoting the page by sending it to the email subscribers you have collected, your contacts on the social networks, in groups and communities.

For instance, when you explain something to readers, you can set up a video popup configuring the settings in a way so that it opens after they have scrolled the mouse and have read more than 50% of an article. Using this popup scrolling event, you will know that your readers will gladly accept the offer to fulfil and strengthen their knowledge and skills by watching the video. For online product sellers, it is useful to make a video tutorial on how to use their product.

This video shows how to use this plugin to make Social Buttons for your site. The advantage of a video popup is that you click through it, it guides you to the YouTube page and even if not clicked through and played in the popup itself, it also adds up the views for the video on YouTube. So, being redirected, your site visitors can share it on their social pages. Also, don’t forget to include social sharing buttons on the page where you have placed the video popup so that people who have found your tutorial helpful, can share and promote your product. As noted above, you can also send the update of your webpage to your mail subscribers. In addition, offer your viewers subscribing to your channel after each video. 

For online stores selling goods or services, video popups can be a brilliant feature to make more sells. For instance, I made this video screenshot from a website which provides running services for dogs. This video on their website shows the dogs playing and running with them. Doesn’t it look cool?

Certainly, you can do it either with a video popup, or just place the video on your webpage. No matter which method you choose, you will make the appearance of your website fascinating and at the same time make a step forward to successful YouTube marketing. Anyway, in case I wanted to develop my marketing through YouTube, I would place the popup so as to catch up people’s attention.

By the way, your marketing campaigns won’t be so effective if you don’t set up the correct settings. So, an important feature to check is the “Autoplay” option. Consequently, if you want to add up the number of the views for the video embedded in a popup, you should configure the settings so that the video begins playing automatically. Otherwise, your visitors may close the popup without opening the video and you will be deprived of the chance to boost the quantity of views on YouTube.

Or else, you can use the aggressive popup modes to avoid showing the close button or when detecting intention to exit, ask your visitors if they are sure they want to leave or stay, thus using every chance in order to get your video viewed. This is one of the functions, but I think “Autoplay” is the best option in this case.

Also, make sure you check the right boxes. If you occasionally check the “Hide on Mobile Devices” option, the popup will not be shown to people using Smartphones.

So, according to a research, 27% of all Internet users use only Smartphones, 14% use only computers.

Surely, there will be some percentage of people that use both. So, not showing any of your popups on mobile devices you are deprived of the chance to reach out to a large number of Internet users.

To recap, video popups serve as a powerful tool to add up views on YouTube as when a popup opens and displays a YouTube video, the YouTube website adds up the quantity of views. Besides, you can also click through the popup and be redirected to YouTube website. So, why not use this powerful method to increase the rankings of your video on YouTube? Let’s hurry and start doing it today in order not to lose a brilliant marketing opportunity.


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