The Popup “Yes/No Buttons” attains all Acceptance and Rejection Goals!

We all heard about the effectiveness of the Popup thousands of time. But have you ever asked yourself a single question, what are the most specific features of the Popup that don’t let your visitors pass by?

Now, we’re going to see 3 WHYs you need to use this type of extension.

The 1st Why is the Dialogue!

It is proved that for the humans’ brains are much more favorable to dialogues than to any other communication types. That’s why using such kind of Popup type highly increases the users’ trust to your website and offered product.

The second Why is a Make a Request!

The researchers found that when you request someone to do something then the person feels obligated to do something back. In other words, if you ask your website users to prove this or that question/request with Yes/No buttons unconsciously you push them to stay longer on the site and even make some purchases.

The third Why is the Prompt!

This Why we can even call the key one because, with the help of the right selected question/request, which assumes an acceptance or rejection, you can prompt your website users about the next step. In this way, you have all the chances to push your visitors to get the targeted product/service of the site according to the needs.

Thus, Yes/No Buttons is a strong communicational Popup to push the commercial limits of your website.

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