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Like it or not, most people often follow the attitudes and behavior of the crowd. The majority will pursue the masses subconsciously. And this psychology works its way into every sphere of life. Most often, it conditions the behavior of customers in relation to a business. Actually, this is logical in a sense that when a business enjoys high demand for their products and/or services, plausible customers must be predisposed to trust it. In contrast, when the business is a startup, at the beginning it’s much more difficult to gain the trust of plausible customers.   Keep Calm and Make Use of Social Proof! As the quantity of customers progresses, even more of them are attracted to avail of your [...]
Do you have strange associations with expressions like last, end,  the last chance, the last day and everything that is related to the opportunities and positive circumstances ending? There is also a saying that recommends to “Live each day like it’s your last”. Well, the desire not to miss an opportunity brings about a feeling of excitement and pushes us to avail of it. That’s the reason vendors usually try to provoke these feelings in their plausible customers by “shouting out” of their goods ending. And with the rapid advancement of web technologies retailers and other business people have started to launch and run ecommerce websites. Thus, if you are a retailer or a business owner who also owns an [...]