Boost Your Conversions with Countdown Popup

Do you have strange associations with expressions like last, the end of something,  the last chance, the last day? Or just to everything that is related to the opportunities and positive circumstances ending? There is also a saying that recommends to “Live each day like it’s your last”. The desire not to miss an opportunity brings about a feeling of excitement and pushes us to avail of it. That’s the reason vendors usually try to provoke these feelings in their plausible customers by “shouting out” of their goods ending. With the rapid advancement of web technologies retailers and other business people have started to launch and run ecommerce websites. As a retailer or a business owner you have an opportunity to declare your offers ending through a countdown popup. So, don’t hesitate to let this smart window shout of your special sales and offers terminating.


Countdown Popup to Excite a Feeling of Urgency!

The only popup type to provoke a feeling of excitement in plausible customers through reducing numbers is the countdown. A popup window with six or eight numbers denotes units of time decreasing. Certainly, these are not merely reducing numbers. Through these numbers, it is possible to have a strong emotional impact on plausible customers showing that the offers aren’t eternal. Announcing of your special offers ending soon, you bring about excitement in visitors to avail of discount offers as long as available. What’s more, you can integrate a beautiful image and a persuasive text message into the popup.

Countdown popup

As in case of many popups, countdown has specific options that make it possible to design the popup and its counter beautifully. For example, depending on your preferences, you can show the counter both on the top of the popup window and on the bottom. You can also set up counter background and counter text colors. Additionally, you can change the countdown format switching the eight digit pattern to a six digit one for your popup. Apart from this, consider setting up your time zone correctly so that the numbers reflect the due time. Finally, you can select another language to display the units of time on the counter. Just choose one from the dropdown menu in front of the “Select language” option.

Countdown options

In Conclusion

Just like every other popup, countdown has its specific features. Its main objective is to trigger a feeling of excitement in plausible customers and push them to action. When they see that your special sales are about to terminate, they will give up procrastinating and make every effort to avail of the opportunity. So, acquire the tools to influence buyer psychology and get more revenue for your business.

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