How Scheduling a Popup will Benefit You

Speaking of the pliable popup functionalities we should pay due tribute to the exceptional opportunity of scheduling popups. This feature gives countless advertising advantages to the owners of online shops and online service providers. Let’s examine several cases when the scheduling of popups is necessary for bringing a huge benefit to your business.

  • In case your business operates in a relevant industry,

Depending on the industry your business operates in, you may feel the need to schedule the popups on your webpage. You can specify particular days and hours when the popup will appear. If you organize hiking tours, you could show the popup announcing the event prior to or during the weekend. Or else, if you provide food delivery services, you could set up the popup to appear at preferred hours during the working days.  

  • You don’t want to miss holidays and special events, do you?

As usual, both online and offline businesses, or those covering both of the platforms, are excited about making discounts in order to make more sales. It’s a common thing that online stores come up with sales’ offers during holidays and special events. Thus, if you wish to announce a sale through a popup, consider determining a start and end date for the offer and accordingly, define the period the popup will show up. Suppose you are going to come up with an offer of a discount that is going to last the whole spring. It’s here you will need to schedule the popup from the start of March to the end of May.

  • Don’t forget about the importance of creating and making use of polite popups,

Scheduling helps to avoid stuffing a website with popups thus showing more polite attitude to the visitors of your site. More specifically, a polite popup is the one that is easily manageable. It appears on due time and is the only one showing up on a webpage for a specific time period. But what if you wish to avail of multiple popups for a variety of products and services? Here the scheduling of popups comes to assistance. Due to this opportunity, you can actually have multiple popups on your landing page showing up at different hours and even on different days. This way, your website will have nothing to do with the concept of stuffing. At the same time, each one from the variety of popups will serve its mission.  

  • The opportunity to schedule is a breakthrough for several popup types,

It’s amazing the way you can schedule the popups taking into account the experience of users on the web. More specifically, people spend more time on their social sites on evenings, whereas during the day they may be at their workplace checking their email correspondence. It follows that you could set up a Facebook or a Social popup on your webpage to open on evenings. Correspondingly, you could show a subscription popup to the visitors during the working hours. Likewise, it would be reasonable to allow a restriction popup only during the day because, anyway, children under the age of 18 are supposed to be asleep late at night. By the way, don’t forget to consider the time zone of different countries when distributing the popups in accordance with the time principle.

To Wrap It Up

At first glance, scheduling popups might seem to be an option of secondary importance. That’s why we have tried to throw light on several points that reflect the necessity of scheduling popups. We have outlined the circumstances under which scheduling becomes vitally important for the polite and targeted advertising.

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