How To Create A PopUp Contact Form?

As time goes by, users com to the conclusion that having a well-designed and good looking site is not enough for desired success. There are various essential conditions that contribute to success of your hard work. And one of that essential conditions is considered to be a friendly contact form for your site, about which we want to speak in this post. As you run a website, undoubtedly you should be in touch with your customers, get solutions for their questions and so on. Contact forms are the most easy and convenient way for that. Long ago people would like to send emails or just make a call. But now things have been changed a lot. People do not have so much time and they want relevance. Of course on your site you need to provide a phone number, but it can never replace contact form. Be available 24 hours a day for your visitors is very difficult or impossible. But you can get the best solution and give a chance to your guests be in touch with you even if you are not available through a contact form. In this way you can also collect frequent questions and then put the corresponding information on your website for clearness.

The next interesting and important thing is that you can use your contact forms through catching popup windows. Now this is a pretty useful thing for many sites. Are you wonder why popup contact forms that offers WordPress are so pleasant to use? We can answer to this question. The main and the most important reason is that users get a chance to email you, or your site team with just one click, so they do not have to move to another page in order to contact you. Showing Contact forms with the help of popups is considered to be an effective marketing focus.


Popup Form Recommendations

Before we show you step by step how to add a popup contact form in your WordPress site, come to see vital recommendations for contact forms.

  • Be polite about it – Don’t behave as a spammy websites that show their pop up windows every one minute, and do not let users to read the content. Our plugin guarantees you a freedom to from polite popups and choose on which pages and when appear. So be sure that your popups will not be boring and
  • Build Relationships with right Contact Form – Try to find the exact time when make the popup appear. Both the right time and the right chosen place for popup are keys to build promising relationship.
  • Where is the right place for Popup Contact form? – There are some effective locations on pages where the visit of popup is more preferable, such as: at the end of the content, in the lower right corner of the page, on the pages where your product is shown. It would be better that you let your visitors first of all get acquainted with your site content, and then write you a massage in case of any questions
  • Mobile-friendly contact form popup We all know that the use of mobiles integrates into our lives more and more, and now people visit various sites through their mobiles. So it becomes more essential to be user friendly for mobiles as well. So when creating popups, give them appropriate dimensions for mobiles screen. And let us mention that Popup Builder plugin gives you that opportunity.
  • Fit the look of Popup to the site’s design Regardless of where your popup you will put on your page, it should be consistent with your site’s look. It should not be visit just as a popup, but it should be as a part of your page as well.
  • Perfect control when popup contact form visits –  You not only need to think about the proper place for your popup, but you should choose the right time for it as well. So you can make it appear when the page guest reads the content (when scrolling) , when he/she is about to leave the page (Exit Intent), or after spending some time on your site (timed). In Advanced Options, that suggests you our plugin, you will have a lucky occasion to choose any time for your popup appearing.

Create your own Contact Form Popup

Now is the perfect time to show you how to create amazing popups for your site’s contact form step by step. Without installing and activating the plugin you can not do anything. So just find Popup Builder plugin on WordPress, Install it and activate. When the plugin is activated, you can easily click on → Add New, and among 11 types of popups choose the Contact Form.  

After that step, there will be opened endless options for you. For the first you can write an inviting text in the appropriate box, and at the same field you can make a choice among 6 catching themes with which your contact form’s visit will be more unique in its kind.


As on the screenshot is seen, you can add a media to the popup’s content as well. But note that apart from themes, you can also make a choice among the variety of popup types. You can select your desired effect with which the pop-up will come up, such as shake, bounce, pulse, swing, flip etc. When the type is chosen, you can decide its action’s length.

The plugin provides you with General Options, where you can choose the boxes that users should fill when sending you a message, for example you can ask their name, e-Mail, a subject. In this space you will be given a freedom to play with buttons, input and text-area styles, changing their coloring, dimensions, texts of boxex and so on. But in addition to General options, there are countless useful additional Options, and Advanced ones as well. Let’s see them more figurative through screenshots.



In this two fields you can change the background and overlay colors, the location of popup on the page, show Close button or not, the time and the place of the popup visit, and so on.

When all changes are done, the next step should be the click on Save Changes button. Than you will need to pass to the field of Pages and select your popup.

After all these, you just need a one step, Preview changes in order to see the Preliminary look of the popup on your site, or click on Update in order to bring to life your popup.

The final look of your popup will fit to your taste and to your webpage as well. All this process will take max 5 minute and the smallest efforts. So what are waiting for? Start it today.



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