Apply Facebook Popup to Get More Likes and Shares

       The social networks have become so popular these days that it’s almost impossible to live or work without engaging in any of them. One of the social platforms that has gained significant popularity in our days is Facebook. The latter has become so prominent that both the young and the old have Facebook accounts. People are chatting, showing off, sharing information, making new acquaintances and boosting their businesses on Facebook.

Apply Facebook Marketing Strategies to Boost Your Business!

If you wish to get more customers through spreading information about your business, you should apply different Facebook marketing strategies. You should attract people to get them like and/or share your website, business page and posts on Facebook. For example, business owners use special incentives to allure their friends and followers. They come up making mutually beneficial offers asking to like, share and comment their posts. In return, they offer some discount to one of the participants selected through a comment picker. Additionally, you can invite your friends to like your page. You can also share your post in other relevant and targeted groups.

Post Entertaining Videos!

Another useful strategy is posting engaging and entertaining videos. This way you will promote your product and/or show how it works. One of the most effective ways to promote your business website is updating it with useful materials and products. Then, you can spread the word about it on the major social platforms. By the way, you don’t have to be busy sharing your posts and products all day long. Your offers can be actively shared and liked on Facebook while you are busy with something else. The marketing strategy that works such wonders is called Facebook popup. Want to know how it works? Then, let’s go ahead!

Why Facebook Popup is Effective!

          In the scope of this article we would like to speak about the effectiveness of a Facebook popup. This is a compact window that attracts visitors’ attention once it appears on a computer screen. It comes up with an offer to like or to share a page. Let’s take a look at a sample Facebook popup.

Facebook popup discount on nail lacquers

Now, come along to get through the process of its creation. Both general popup options and specific Facebook options participate in the creation of a beautiful and effective Facebook popup. 

Facebook popup options

If you leave the Url field blank, your visitors will like and/or share the page they are on at the moment. But if you specify another url in the corresponding field, your visitors will like and share the mentioned webpage. Then there comes the layout option. Through this option you can determine the arrangement of the buttons and show the number of likes your website received. You need to show:

  • count in a text:

Count in a text, text: you and 51 others like this

  • the count inside the box:

count inside the box 52 likes

  • also, count inside the button:

count inside the button

  • only buttons without the count:

only buttons without the count

Through the versatile features it’s also possible to hide share button which can be done by checking the “Don’t show share button” option.

Facebook options do not show share button

In Conclusion

The advanced web technologies allow your website and posts to be liked and shared on Facebook while you are busy with something else. One of the most rewarding strategies to ensure this is crafting an attractive Facebook popup and placing it on your website. The popup is intended to contain a persuasive text message, a relevant and beautiful image and specific Facebook popup features. These features include like and share buttons. The latter can have different arrangement depending upon your choice. All these specific features, as well as general popup functionalities will direct you step by step through the process of popup creation. Ultimately, you will enjoy a compact and beautiful Facebook popup and the multiple likes and shares added up due to this strategy.

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