How to Convert Abandoning Visitors into Subscribers

When a potential customer is leaving a store for another one, it is usually hard to hold them back. This might be the case in real life but things are different in the virtual reality. Because of the short attention span, visitors often skim through a website quickly and pass on to the next resource, probably the one that is more scannable. Fortunately, there are many strategies out there that can attract visitors back to your website. But now we have a task not only to bring back abandoning visitors, but also to ask them to subscribe by providing personal and contact information. It’s amazing the way we can do it through a subscription popup window – through a single message.

Think if you can offer something really valuable

You need a good reason to give your email address to someone, don’t you? Likewise, the visitors of a website need to know that they will be offered something beneficial for providing their email address. Let’s see what you can offer the visitors for subscribing and how you can make the offer more influential. In this article, we have collected 3 motivational offers that will attract visitors back to your site and make them convert.

  1. Don’t Go! Subscribe to Receive 50% Off on Your First Purchase

subscription popup a girl offering to subscribe to get a discount

Encouraging visitors to subscribe in order to get a discount is one of the most effective techniques. It’s not a secret that people tend to look for their own benefit. So, giving a discount for subscribing can be a really valuable offer worthy of consideration. Additionally, try to be more specific about your offer. Mention the amount of the discount that you can afford so that your visitors are more certain about their expectations.

  1.  Subscribe to Receive Our Useful Materials to Your Inbox

an offer to subscribe to receive useful materials

You can attract visitors back to your website through offering to send them free resources. Visitors who are looking for modern tools and strategies to expand their knowledge and increase business profits will be tempted to check out your resource materials.  

  1. Drop Your Email to Get Free Shipping for any of Our Products!a girl with shopping bags, text: drop email to get free shipping   

It’s really cool to get a free shipping opportunity, isn’t it? Most often, plausible buyers change their mind on half-way of their purchase because of the shipping price. It follows that you will increase the sales significantly if you ship the items to the customers for free. What’s more, asking the customers’ emails you will grow your mailing list. Thus, you get a chance to be in a constant contact with them.

How can such messages reach visitors?

Actually, such kinds of messages are super-effective to bring back the abandoning visitors and to make them convert. Well, but how can we convey such kinds of surprise messages to our future customers and subscribers?

All We Need is to Combine Subscription Popup with the Exit-Intent Feature

Just select the exit-intent event while creating a Subscription, MailChimp or AWeber popup. All of these popup types have flexible functionalities in order to attract visitors back to your offer. Through the versatile functionalities of these popups  you can give any design to their forms and enrich their functionalities.

popup events settings exit intent

To Sum Up       

      Attracting abandoning visitors back to your website and turning them into a happy subscriber has become easy. Things worked out efficiently with a smart online marketing tool like the popup. One only needs to enclose an attractive text message within a beautifully designed popup window and give an exit-intent event to it. The latter will ensure that the popup opens at the moment a visitor is about to navigate away from the website. The popup should come up with a brief message asking to come back and to drop an email in return for some favor. A beneficial  offer like getting a discount, a free shipping opportunity or useful resource materials will tempt your visitors to come back and to convert.

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