5 Reasons Setting Up the Responsive Mode for Your Popup is Crucial

With the advance of modern technologies various devices were manufactured. Consequently, programmers had to solve the problem of creating a system that would ensure the all-inclusive look of websites on all device formats. The system has far been launched now and got the name “Responsive web design”. Due to this, nowadays websites fall into the dimensions of any device enhancing the multi-device user experience. It is already a common thing to view web pages on different devices. It’s obvious that if your site is not responsive, your business will be knocked out of competition.

Reasons to Make Popups Responsive

Website owners already understand the importance of creating and launching a website compatible to any gadget. But there is another important factor to consider when speaking of responsiveness. The problem is that site owners often make beautiful popups and place them on their sites to attract attention. However, they often forget that responsiveness is crucial here as well. What happens when a popup isn’t compatible to view on any device? We have outlined 5 reasons making popups responsive is crucial:

It makes user experience less stressful

Making a popup that is so large that it covers the whole mobile screen will make mobile users nervous. They will be willing to leave the site as soon as possible. Someone visiting your site from a mobile device can possible become one of the happy customers. It follows that you should make every effort to attract these users’ attention to your offer.  

The attitude will be more polite

Suppose you are surfing the net on a device other than a computer. Suddenely a window comes up covering the whole screen. This attitide is far from being polite. As a website owner, try to make a popup window look polite on any gadget in order to engage users that are on their mobiles at the moment.

You will have a professional influence

Websites using popups that cover the whole mobile screen do not look professional. You need to show professional ethics to all of the visitors irrespective of the devices they will be using.

And stand out from the cloud of site owners

Not every website owner is aware of an exceptional opportunity to make a responsive popup that will look elegant on any device. If you get to know the secret, your popup will stand out among the rest.

Your popup will serve its main purpose

Popup strategy has initially been created in order to attract attention by coming up with a mutually beneficial offer. If a popup covers the whole screen on a gadget, this predisposes its viewers negatively. So, they are eager to close this ad the sooner the better. In contrast, when a popup is compatible to view on any gadget, it serves its primary purpose of attracting attention by showing exquisite manners.

Make it real…

Now, if you want to make a popup compatible to any device, just set up the responsive mode in the dimensions section. Then, you can set the size of the popup to “auto” or choose another size. The latter is determined relative to the screen dimensions of a particular device and is expressed in percentage.  For example, if you select popup size as 40%, the window will take up the mentioned percentage of the screen.

Dimensions responsive mode custom mode

Still skeptical about the effectiveness of making responsive popups?

Let’s summarize the privileges you will get by making popups compatible to any gadget. If a popup covers the whole screen of a particular device, the visitors will be annoyed and close the ad immediately.  By closing the popup, they may leave the website altogether. It turns out that you will lose many visitors that might otherwise become your happy customers. In addition, websites using responsive popups look more polite and professional. In this sense, their politeness is conditioned by the popups being less forceful and so, easily manageable. The usage of responsive popups comes up as a proof of this knowledge. What’s more, a responsive popup will make your site stand out as this is a trend yet to be adopted by many industry experts.

Last but not least

Attracting attention should not be an end in itself. Both positive and negative aspects of our reality can possible attract attention, but people tend to focus on positive ones. Make your popup look so polite and elegant as it can serve its initial goal of attracting attention that will ultimately lead them to conversion.

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