Facebook Popup

Facebook popup enables your visitors to share your promotions on their Facebook pages, as well as like your page thus spreading the word about your website. You only need to create the popup through configuring specific and general settings, place the popup on your website and enjoy the multiple Facebook likes and shares. What’s more, you will get the likes and shares while you are busy with something else. Also, select the relevant event type to make your Facebook popup show up after a specific period of time or be triggered by some action.

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Can I insert a URL inside the popup to be shared?

Sure, in the Facebook options you can insert the url which you need to be shared.

Can I change the background color of the Facebook popup?

Yes, you can change the background and even the overlay colors of your Facebook popup!

How to make the FB like and share counts be visible with the button?

You can select the Layout type under the Facebook popup options. You can show the Button with count, Box with count and only the Button, if you wish

Can I make my Facebook popup be visible only on desktops?

Yes, you can use the “Hide on mobile devices” option and the popup will appear only on Desktops. (PRO option)