Countdown Popup

Countdown popup makes it possible to arouse a sense of urgency or excitement in your website visitors while announcing the end of a promotion or the opening of an event. The configuration of multiple popup options will make the popup more functional and attractive. Applying an appropriate popup event will make your Countdown popup appear at the right time thus making it soft and not annoying.

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Can I change the background color of my Countdown popup?

Sure, you can change the background color, and even the text color of your Countdown popup!

Is it possible to select the time zone for my Countdown popup?

Yes, you can select any time zone you need for your Countdown popup.

Is there a way to make the popup close automatically after the countdown is over?

Sure, you can simply use “Time out close popup” option and the popup will close after the time is out!

Can I view the changes that I make to the Countdown popup while creating it?

Yes, our Countdown popup is made up so that you can live preview all the changes you make to your popup.