Age Restriction Popup

Restriction popup can be used for different purposes. You can use this popup type to inform your visitors of cookie usage, to ask if they agree with your terms and conditions or to warn that the website contains adult or prohibited materials. In any of the cases, the website content will only be available in case of pressing the “Yes” button. You can make your Restriction popup even more functional due to the use of the versatile popup options.

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Can I set a URL to which a user will be redirected in case he/she presses "NO" button and doesn't verify his/her age?

Yes, in the Age-restriction popup options, under the “NO” button options you can see a URL field, where you can type the URL where you want your users to be redirected to.

Can I change the labels of the "Yes" and "No" buttons?

Sure, you can type any label you want for your buttons.

Can I change the color of the buttons (Yes/No)?

Yes, you can select any color you wish for the buttons. Even more, you can change the background color of the buttons, too!

Can I show age restriction popup for certain post categories?

Yes, you can setup popup on a certain post category. From the advanced options (PRO) check ‘Show on selected posts’ checkbox and then click on ‘Show on selected categories’. From the categories list choose your preferred categories and save popup.


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