How To Grow Your Email List

Email list is one of the fundamental tools of marketing. When you write your blog, or when you have a new offer for your page guests, or when you have an interesting new product, it is your email list members that will want to check them and experiment.

In this post we want to speak about the power of pop-ups when creating an email list and growing it. Regardless of whether you love them or not, you should know the irrefutable truth about popups – they really work. If you aim to multiple your list of emails, use a popup on your site. Today when visiting a site, we see the huge use of various popups for various purposes and for correct reasons. Dn every time we come to the trust that they are surely productive. People are increasingly using them, particularly now when the opportunities of designing are countless and offers for subscribers are now becoming impossible to deny.

Why email subscribers but not social network followers

Before passing to the use of popups, let’s think about the answer of one important question – why every business have a need of email list.
People’s majority may think that they do not have a need of email list, as they already have an extremely large number of fans over social networks, such as Facebook, followers on Instagram or Tumblr, connections on Linkedin and so on. But none of the mentioned are really yours, and the only exception is email. If you do not follow the Facebook rules, for example, you will say goodbye to your page, including your followers. The same applies to other social networks, such as Google+, Tumblr, Twitter, etc. So we come to the conclusion that if we have a huge number of followers on various social networks, it does not necessarily mean that we are free to attain them. The Email List gives a chance to place your messages in the box of subscribers and be in touch with them.
When growing an email list:

  • You will not be faced with social network’s algorithms in order to make your message notice.
  • You’ll be enabled to load the list of email whenever you want and transfer it other service, bypassing the fear of closing your platform or losing your connections.  


Do Popups Work?

So it is obvious that having an email list, you will only benefit from it, as it’s a mighty way to be connected with your promising customers. Now is the right moment to check the power of popups in your email list growing. To the question if popups work, there is a right answer – Yes, if you realise how to work with them. First of all you need to choose the right place for their visit, and in order to find an appropriate solutions, you should bear in mind your goals. If you write blogs, so you should aim to gain more readers. If you present a product, so you should aim to make your guests buy it. So any kind of popup should be used for a sensible purpose and it should not annoy the users and keep away from the main content, for which they have visited your site.

The effectiveness of Popup Types
It is not a surprise that for email list creating popup plugins are considered to be one of the most vital ways. Today there is a huge number of plugins on WP that enable you to create various popups of your own. When you a page guests is scrolling through you page, you can invite him/her to signup for your list and obtain your page updates. Or you can show them your inviting offers both for new and for already existing users, and so on.
Now come to see in which ways your popups can be used and the power each of them.

1. Timed Popups – This type of pop-ups visit when the guests is on your page for a while. The time will be chosen by you, so you can determine after how much time of the guest visit your popup appears. In this way you enable your users first of all get acquainted with the content and only after that choose if they want to become your subscribers.  

2. Exit Intent Popups – Do not miss the chance and call your guests back when they want to pass another website, leaving yours. This popups can help you to make outgoing visitors your email list members. But notice an important thing, that the content of Exit Intent Pop-up should be so inviting, that the guests would like to come back.

3. Scroll Pop-ups – Popups that are active when scrolling are polite ones. These pop-ups visit when the reader scrolls a certain part of your page. So if the page guest has already read the blog, you can make your popup come up at the and of the content. The choice is yours.

4. Incoming Pop-ups – These popups visit almost simultaneously with guests visit. But these types are considered to be non polite/intrusive ones, as they do not allow your page guests to read the content, blocking their access to your site. Just imagine if you go to shopping and someone comes and offers you his/her product, without giving you a freedom to see other products before making a choice. You will become nervous and leave the shop. The same happens with websites. So we recommend you avoid using entrance pop-ups.
The rest of popup use are included our plugin’s Advanced options, where you can easily set the time and place of your

Popup Rules
We would like to notice some primary tools, that will play an important role if you have decided to grow your email list through popups.
Only popups are not able to increase the email list. They should be coupled with a worthy proposal. If you want that your popups bring you success and serve their purpose, you should always have killer offers for them. Try to understand your visitors need, what they actually want. For example you can have particular offers just for new subscribers, in that way make them understand the benefits of becoming your subscribers.
The time
It is important to make your pop-up come up only once a time. Alternatively they will be overplayed, and be sure that the most promising visitor will be bothered and leave your page.
Privacy Policy
When inviting your guests to become your email members, you should show them that your site runs a privacy policy. A beautiful designed popup coupled with a short text, can say your page guests that their email is private and in no case will be share. Or the popups can take your guests to another page through a link, where you can give them a huge information about the safety of their details.
You should minimize the klicks when using popups for your email list. Make your guests sign in for your email list just 2 or 1 clicks. Ask them their name and email, or only the last one.
We are pretty sure that you want to try popups for your business. But if you have doubts that they will hurt your user proficiency, we will recommend you Popup Builder – the respectful re.solution for popup use. We developed it for marketers who aim to increase their list without boring their customers.   


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