Geo Targeting Changelog

= Version 3.6 =
* Bug fixed related to state Bali
* Bug fixed related to state Linderberg and Frankfurt

= Version 3.5 =
* Optimization of cities table
* Improvement of database: missing cities and states have been added

= Version 3.4 =
* Improvement of extension’s update logic

= Version 3.3 =
*Bug fixed related to display rules, now targeting options are working also with custom posts and pages

= Version 3.2 =
*Bug fixed related to targeting, now popups must work as needed both with and without AJAX modes

= Version 3.1 =
*New feature: AJAX mode has been added when using Geo targeting
*Improvement of cities, Sydney has been added in city targeting

= Version 3.0=
*Improvement of design: the geo targeting’s settings have been redesigned for better user experience

= Version 2.6 =
*IP detection improvements. (in some cases we were unable to detect the IP and for that purpose we didn’t show popup)
*IP to Country detection lib has been updated

= Version 2.5 =
*Tweak: New states are added to the library
*Bug fixed related to IP targeting

= Version 2.4 =
*New option added detect by States
*Cloudflare and Sucuri conflict fixed
*Australia states added