Yes No Button Popup

Yes/No buttons is a multipurpose popup type that’s created for various acceptance requests on a website.
Here are some of the most famous objectives for acceptance queries: informing your website visitors of cookie usage, asking to agree with terms and conditions, warning about website content, prohibited materials or any important messages.
Consequently, the website content will be shown to the visitors only in case of clicking on the “Yes” button. The button “No” button will have a redirection opportunity as well.
The popup is structured so flexibly so that you can use it not only as acceptance and rejection means but also for other two options to choose for different cases, as you can rename the buttons per your needs.
Try “Yes/No buttons” popup for your website acceptance requests by showing this popup in a well-structured way including a lot of triggering opportunities.

Yes, in the Age-restriction popup options, under the “NO” button options you can see a URL field, where you can type the URL where you want your users to be redirected to.

Sure, you can type any label you want for your buttons.

Yes, you can select any color you wish for the buttons. Even more, you can change the background color of the buttons, too!

Yes, you can setup popup on a certain post category. From the ‘Popup Display Rules’ select the post’s category where you want to show the popup. From the categories list choose your preferred categories and save popup.

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