Subscription Plus Popup

Susbcription Popup

Subscription Plus Popup comes up with the extended functionalities of subscription popup. While subscription popup encourages visitors to subscribe to your newsletter, Subscription+ comes up with additional features like notifying site owners of new subscribers, allowing to send offers and promotions to subscribers automatically by its autoresponder. What’s more, this extension enables adding extra custom fields to those set by default. For instance, you can add phone, text, number, select box and other fields in order to gather and use all the needed information about your users.

Yes, we are providing 4 options which you can select to have your desired action:

1) Close Popup
2) Redirect to any URL
3) Open another popup
4) Show success message

Yes, you can. There are no limits for adding fields in Subscription+. You can add different fields and segment your subscribers.

Yes, the subscription form popup is fully customizable.

Yes, you can live preview all the look and feel of your Subscription popup while you’re creating it.

Yes, our subscription popup comes with its own newsletter module. You can easily select the group or list of people to whom you want to send email.

Autoresponder allows sending automated emails to newly subscribed users.

Yes, we provide 5 unique templates. You can create your own template as well.

Surely. If you don’t want to get notifications about new subscribers, you can easily switch it off. Besides, you can also mention the email where you would like to get notifications. 

Subscription plus is integrated with the following Email Marketing platforms: ActiveCampaign, GetResponse, HubSpot and SendinBlue.
Once the user submitted the subscription form the data will be sent to the configured platform.

subscription popup
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