Recent Sales Popup

      Recent sales is the perfect motivational popup type that informs your website visitors about all the recent sales on your store. This way, you show your visitors that the products on your store are actively sold, thus motivating them to do the same.

      You can include anything you wish in the Recent sales popup type, to form a perfectly motivating popup for your visitors. It can be simple, but informing. Include the buyer’s Gravatar picture or an image of the product in the popup. The product’s name can also be mentioned. To be short, the popup’s text is completely customizable.

      Recent sales popup is automatically connected to your WooCommerce website, thus collecting data about your sales from there.

      Does it work only with WooCommerce?

      Yes. The Recent Sales popup for now only gets the latest purchases from WooCommerce. Soon more options will be available.

      Can I set the position of the popup?

      By default we use the bottom left corner but yes, the position and all other popup options are also available for this popup type.

      How do you get the buyer's picture?

      We get it from Gravatar. If it’s available we show it, otherwise a placeholder is used instead.

      Options section