Gamification Popup – Pick A Gift Popup

Who said popups can’t be attractive?
We’ve created the most catching popup type to add some engagement and joyful spirit to your campaigns!
Don’t know how games can boost your sales or make high conversions? It’s time to rely on the gamified email capture process which will boost subscriptions and sales by personalized coupons and sales.
It’s a powerful animated popup type with large varieties of gift logos to pick for any holiday, and, of course, adding your designed one. After selecting the logo, you give 5 gifts to your customers to choose from, and they will love to reveal their coupon discount.
Dramatically grow your subscribers’ list and increase your conversion rates by giving your users a chance to win!

Sure, you can use the “Winning chance” option in the Options of your Gamification popup to state the possibility of the win.

Yes! You can totally change the look of the popup picking the colors and sizing you prefer for your popup.

Sure, we provide 10 samples of the prize button image you can choose from. Even more, you can add your own image for the prize button, simply uploading it.

Absolutely! You are free to change the main text of the popup, edit the Play screen text, the Win screen text as well as the Lose screen texts.

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