Mailchimp Popup Extension

      Mailchimp extension is a great tool to enable your users to sign up to the mail list right from the popup. All the design customization is up to your needs and preferences! Simply connect your Mailchimp account to our popup and start synchronizing your subscribers!

      Is it possible to show only the required fields in the MailChimp popup?

      Yes, in the MailChimp popup options you can set to “Show only required fields”.

      How can I get connected to MailChimp?

      Simply add your MailChimp API key and connect your MailChimp account to the popup.

      Can I disable double opt in?

      Yes, you can, inside ‘General settings’ there is a checkbox to enable/disable double opt-in.

      With single opt-in, new subscribers fill out a signup form and are immediately added to a mailing list.

      Can I change the Submit button color of my MailChimp popup?

      Sure, you can design the button style completely to your taste.

      Is it possible to change the Submit button title?

      Yes you can type any title you need!

      Is there a way to change the Success and Error messages of the popup?

      If you don’t check the options, default Error and Success messages will appear in your popup. But you can check the options and type the messages you wish.

      Can I choose the position of the form and the label of my MailChimp popup?

      Yes, you can use “Label alignment” and “Form alignment” options of the popup and select positions. Moreover, you can Live Preview all the changes you make!

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