ExitIntent Popup

      Exit Intent popup aims to prevent your users leaving the site without getting the info you needed to provide them. You can create an eye-catching popup and catch their attention when they are to leave the site.

      Is it possible to set an amount of time after which the Exit Intent popup will appear?

      Sure, you can select between per session, per minute, per 7 days, per month and always.

      Can I force the user to read my message inside the Exit Intent popup not letting him navigate away?

      Yes, with the Aggressive mode of our Exit Intent popup you can interrupt your users to read the message and then choose to leave or stay on the page.

      Can I make my popup automatically resize when the window is resized?

      Sure, you can Enable reposition, so when the window is resized your popup will automatically reposition and resize.

      Is it possible to have an Exit Intent popup without an overlay?

      Yes, you can simply “Disable popup overlay” under the Advanced options of the Exit Intent popup. (PRO option)

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