Age Restriction Popup

Age Restriction popup is created to verify your website auditory accurately before giving them access to your website.
In case you sell particular products or if your website contains adult content and you need a tool to verify the age of visitors before giving them access, you can realize this verification process easily by a popup called “Age Restriction”. The popup can hide the whole website content like some kind of vail and ask to verify the age to allow access to the site.
This is a simple solution to provide access to your website only to the visitors that verify the specified age. Eventually, the visitors under the specified age will be redirected without having access to the site.
Websites with adult content or the ones that sell alcohol or cigarettes are supposed to have restricted access. This is a security means that will make your website more professional and high-ranked.

Sure, you have the option to specify any age you prefer for the users to confirm to get access to the site.

Of course, you can use the “Lockout Try Count” option to specify the number of wrong answers and block the visitor.

Yes, you can use the “Remember choice” option to specify the number of days after which the visitor will see the popup again, if they don’t pass the verification.

Absolutely! You can make all the changes referring to the texts and the look of the buttons in the “Button styles” section of your popup.

Age Restriction Popup - Popup Builder
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