AdBlock detect Popup Extension

      Detect Adblock extensions that block the advertisements of your site and show a message to your visitors via popup! Make your visitors turn off their Adblock plugin(s) when they visit your site. Simply open a popup and throw a message so they turn off theAdblock to let you earn money with the ads on your site!

      Can I make the popup stay on the page until the visitor turns off the Adblock?

      Sure you can! In the Adblock popup settings, use “Disable popup closing” and the visitors will have no way but turn off their Adblock to access your site!

      Can I select the pages on which I want to show the Adblock popup?

      Yes! In the popup settings, you can select the pages on which you want to have the popup, or you can make it appear on all your pages.

      Can I make any type of an Adblock popup?

      Yes! You can make an Adblock notifier with all the popup types in our plugin!

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