Recent Sales
Recent Sales Popup Recent sales is the perfect motivational popup type that informs your website visitors about all the recent sales on your store. This way, you show your visitors that the products on your store are actively sold, thus motivating them to do the same. You can include anything you wish in the Recent sales popup type, to form a perfectly motivating popup for your visitors. It can be simple, but informing. Include the buyer's Gravatar picture or an image of the product in the popup. The product's name can also be mentioned. To be short, the popup's text is completely customizable. Recent sales popup is automatically connected to your WooCommerce website, thus collecting data about your sales from [...]
WooCommerce Popup WooCommerce extension allows you to easily show popups on a WooCommerce website, depending on custom behaviors. You can show super-targeted popup offers to your customers, depending on their specific actions, like: 1. They add a specific number of products to their cart 2. The total price of the cart is greater than the specified amount 3. They add a specific product to their cart 4. If the cart is empty This is a perfect way to show targeted offers to your customers that will motivate them for more shopping on your WooCommerce website. Is it possible to show the popup in other pages aswell? Yes, you can set where and when you want to show the popup depending [...]
Exit Intent
ExitIntent Popup Exit Intent popup aims to prevent your users leaving the site without getting the info you needed to provide them. You can create an eye-catching popup and catch their attention when they are to leave the site. Is it possible to set an amount of time after which the Exit Intent popup will appear? Sure, you can select between per session, per minute, per 7 days, per month and always. Can I force the user to read my message inside the Exit Intent popup not letting him navigate away? Yes, with the Aggressive mode of our Exit Intent popup you can interrupt your users to read the message and then choose to leave or stay on the page. [...]
AdBlock detect Popup Extension AdBlock popup is a functionality (a popup event) that can be set to any popup type and detect the application of an ad blocking software by web users. Then, you can come up with video, image or text message depending on the type of your popup and ask your visitors to turn off the software. Your visitors will only be able to see your ads when they turn off the software. Can I make the popup stay on the page until the visitor turns off the Adblock? Sure you can! In the Adblock popup settings, use “Disable popup closing” and the visitors will have no way but turn off their Adblock to access your site! Can [...]


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