Contact form Changelog

= Version 3.3 =
* Improvement of contact forms: email or phone field must be always selected
* Bug fixed related to not English texts that are inserted in fields
* Bug fixed related to resize functionality
* Bug fixed related to fields that are set to appear horizontally
* Minor fixes related to design in live preview

= Version 3.2 =
* Improvement of extension’s update logic

= Version 3.1 =
* Bug fixed related to export of subscribers

= Version 3.0 =
*Improvement of design: the contact form’s settings have been redesigned for better user experience
*Improvement of live preview: live preview is now more user friendly
*Improvement of submit button: default size and color have been changed
*Improvement of adding new field: for adding and editing the fields new structure has been added
*Improvement of Contacted Users page: page has been redesigned for better user experience

= Version 2.5 =
*Bug fixed related to the slash that appears in the field’s name when using an apostrophe
*Bug fixed related to the messed up field names in “More Details” section
*Bug fixed related to labels: Now label’s name is corresponding with placeholder’s name
*Bug fixed related to Advance Phone’s field alignment
*Bug fixed related to GDPR’s text size
*Some minor UI bug fixes

= Version 2.4 =
* New feature: Now users are able to change the subject of notification when a person contacted

= Version 2.3 =
*Tweak: Export contacted users.
*Fix: Related to style conflict with Subscription plus extension