Boost your Sales with these Popups before Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Most people love holidays, but for business owners those holidays also create exceptional opportunities to increase their revenue through selling more products at discounted prices. To achieve this, ecommerce websites worldwide apply various online marketing strategies in order to promote their products or services. Currently, the online sellers are getting prepared for the upcoming Black Friday and the following Cyber Monday celebrations. So, what is all this excitement about? The matter is that retailers all around the world wish to avail of the event-related opportunities to increase their income by making holiday sales.  

Following from this and considering the necessity for you to have beautiful and polite popups on your websites and catch up your potential buyers’ attention for the upcoming holidays, we decided to make holiday sales as well. Especially notable is the fact that the discounts we offer will start far ahead of the celebrations so that you can prepare to present your sales’ offers via popups beforehand.

So, let’s meet the popup types that are the most effective ones for representing your offers in a polite and emotionally exciting manner.


  • Subscription popup

Preparing for any holiday event, consider making the arrangements for placing the subscription popup on your website beforehand. The importance of the latter is conditioned by the fact that you will need some time to promote and bring subscribers to your website in order to gather those submissions and make  your sales’ offers later on.


  • Exit-intent popup

One of the most effective popup types to boost your sales on the forthcoming holidays is the exit-intent technology that can be set to any popup and detect your website visitors’ intention to leave your website. So, when a visitor wants to leave your website, their act is interrupted by a compact popup window trying to persuade them to stay on your website and consider another offer of yours. Whether you would like to use this popup type not to allow shopping cart abandonment or to prevent your visitors from abandoning other pages of your website, using this popup technology is a method that really works.  

  • Countdown popup

What if you could avail of the six-digit countdown option to increase your revenue? If you are searching for strategies to implement in order to evoke an emotional feeling of urgency in your plausible clients, you can be sure to have found one of the most effective ones. Thus, setting a countdown popup to your posts, pages or your products, you will let your visitors be aware of the deadline of your offer. That’s why, realizing that your proposal is not a permanent one, your potential customers will be in a haste trying not to lose their chance to avail of it.


  • Social popup

Your business page’s social presence should be outstanding during the holiday period. To achieve this, you should share your sales’ offers with your social community. In addition, also make use of social popups to catch up attention and to create an opportunity for your page visitors to share your post with their friends and followers as well.


  • Image popup

It doesn’t matter if you decide to design your own image or would like to use an image from the Internet. Making a beautiful and polite popup is possible in both cases. All you need is to download an image and configure all the other settings to ensure that your image popup is compact, beautiful and polite. Additionally, pay attention to the message you wish to convey with the help of this popup. The latter should be short and informative.

No matter what type of a popup you have made, they should be soft and polite so that they catch up your site visitors’ attention without annoying them. With this aim, just give them the proper settings so that they are mild instead of being aggressive.  


In conclusion

If you wish to add up your budget by making sales, the upcoming holidays  open up real chances. What you need to do is to catch up attention and to have a good impression on your website visitors. And one of the most effective strategies used to achieve this is applying popup ads. Thus, using unaggressive popups along with other marketing strategies and promoting your sales’ offers in any possible way will be help you keep up with the competition.    


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