Advertise New Year Sales with Popups: Push Yourself Beyond Limits

Need effective strategies to advertise New Year sales? You should be looking for techniques to attract the attention of plausible customers. One of the most useful strategies is advertising New Year sales with popups. Push yourself beyond limits with a series of popup types enriching and expanding their functionalities with additional features.  

  1. Subscription+ extension

Subscription+ extension adds up to the numerous opportunities that subscription popup provides. As you know, through a subscription popup you can come up with an attractive message inviting to subscribe to your newsletter. What’s more, while advertising New Year sales with popups, you can offer a discount for subscribing. Subscription+ extension comes up with additional features. It enables receiving notifications about new subscribers. Then, it has an autoresponder through which you can send offers to subscribers automatically. Another big advantage of this extension is that it enables adding extra fields to the existing ones. For example, you can add number, phone, text, select box fields.  

Subscription plus popup a letter to Santa

  1. HTML popup

A FREE feature that will advertise with you even when you don’t have a single penny. Through this popup you can advertise sales, coupons, promotions, events and so forth. You can add any text and image to the popup. Moreover, in the settings, find other features the configuration of which will make the popup even more polite and functional.

HTML popup Open the year with big sales

  1. Geo targeting extension

This feature enables including certain countries into the popup showing list or excluding them. In case of excluding, the popup will not show up in the specified countries.  For example, when advertising New Year sales, you can exclude showing popups in countries where this holiday is not celebrated. Correspondingly, allow popup showing in countries where they actively celebrate this beautiful holiday.

Geo targeting extension happy New Year enjoy the biggest New Year sales

  1. Inactivity event

This event is a smart way to advertise New Year sales to people who may be inactive on sites for a certain period of time. If applied properly, it can serve as a wonderful means of targeting. You only need to specify after how many seconds visitors are considered to be inactive on your site.  Then, surprise them with an extremely beneficial offer!

Popup with Inactivity event what about fresh New Year promotions

Some more Brilliant Features!

Wish to push yourself beyond limits when advertising New Year sales with popups? Welcome to Popup Builder’s official website to explore more brilliant features to make advertising operations extremely successful. What’s more, leverage additional features to give extra charm to popups.

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