WooCommerce Popup

      WooCommerce extension allows you to easily show popups on a WooCommerce website, depending on custom behaviors. You can show super-targeted popup offers to your customers, depending on their specific actions, like:

      1. They add a specific number of products to their cart
      2. The total price of the cart is greater than the specified amount
      3. They add a specific product to their cart
      4. If the cart is empty

      This is a perfect way to show targeted offers to your customers that will motivate them for more shopping on your WooCommerce website.

      Is it possible to show the popup in other pages aswell?

      Yes, you can set where and when you want to show the popup depending on the WooCommerce condition. For example, you can set to show the popup after inactivity in the contact form page, only if the user has at least 1 product in his cart.

      Does it work with AJAX enabled add to cart buttons?

      Yes. The conditions work independently of how your add to cart button works.

      How do you show the popup right after clicking the add to cart button?

      You have to select the “Add to cart click” event from the Events list.

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