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Nowadays when the business world is continually changing, in order to achieve success it is essential to establish new contacts with the audience, as well as further strengthen the already established contacts. And if your goal is to make your business to be more noticed, then you will need to think more creative. Business experiences give us a freedom to be in touch with a number of various professionals in industry, but as for small businesses it is a bit difficult to make your hard work to sound strong among the huge number of exhibitors. So as a company that aims to achieve great success, the key should be creativity. It is something that all consumers love, because being engaged in particular things is always catching.

One of the best solutions for creativeness can be popups. It is approved that pop-ups promote the increase of online connections ranging from subscription signups to various sales. There exist a great number of businesses that use popups with desired effect. In order to point their brand, companies turn to the help of popups marketing. This kind of marketing is not only for huge firms, it is productive for all. We all well know that for blow the attention of page guests popups are considered to be a superb way. But bearing in mind all this, we should not forget about the responsibility when using popups. If you do not use them correctly, they will be boring for your visitors and will fail all your efforts as well.

In this post we have placed the emphasis on the popup’s power. We are focused on how effective they can be for your business, helping you to extend the number of your clients. We’ll help you to take a look at how popups can blow the people’s attention on your business, making it easier to be many steps ahead of the competition.

Various ways for your popup visit

For the first step let’s see the three primary ways to make your popups appear. The way of popups visiting is as vital as their look and design.
Let’s begin with Time-Driven Popups. Choosing this way you can allocate fixed time to your page guests for getting acquainted with  site’s content and then make your popup appear with its offer or anything you want. Let your guests firstly understand what about your page is and then see your catching offers.
The next alternative to show your popup is Behavior-Driven. In this case you make your pop-ups appear according to several conditions. For example you can show popups when the page guest pass to the second page of your site, or you can select specific pages on which you want to appear your popups.

With this screenshot above we want to show you the variety of options that you can use according to your need. You have freedom to make your popups when you want, and where you want.
The next solution can be Exit popups. You can get your guests attention at the very moment when they are readying to leave your page. So before moving to another site, their attention will be catched with your call to action popup. But in any case you should always bear in mind that the content of your popup is essential. It should be so inviting that the user wants to return to your page.

In this case with our plugin you can make a choice among four types exit option mode. You will also have a chance to select the duration of your popup visit.

Use your pop-ups effectively

Apart from selecting the way of popup visiting, you need to think about their efficiency as well. So let us introduce you several tips that will promote the popups effective using.

  1. Design your pop-ups so that they fit your brand

When deciding to use popups for your business you should realize the importance of their design. Your popups’ and brand’s looks should be consistent with each other. If your page’s popup do not match your sites appearance, they will seem like spam boxes to your guests. So be creative and try various colors, sizes, etc before showing your popups. But all this does not mean that you should make them so ordinary and common, because in that case they will stay unnoticed. Well-planned pop-ups are always productive, otherwise they will displease you guests and will make them never return your page again.
Let us mention that our Popup Builder plugin gives your all the chances to create wonderful popup boxes. You can choose various attractive colors, sizes and many many catching things not only for the whole popup boxes but also for all its separate parts.

       2.Let them easy to close

We all need to remember that when using popups our goal should be gain more and more visitors and customers, but not to bore them and make them nervous. The popups that are designed with barely visible or inoperative small X button, make the visitors to close the page immediately. So do not think only about your sales and your business, enable your guests the opportunity to make a choice. When designing your popups be sure that they have a remarkable button to close at the upper right corner.  

     3. Think about popup’s user-friendliness for mobiles

Nowadays people use more and more mobiles for catching their desired content. And if the popups that you create do not act properly mobile devices, be sure that you will lose your users and will face the Google’s penalty as well. You need to design your popups simple, so that your guests can subscribe or close it with only one click.

    4. Personalize your popups

Categorize your popups according to your customers, what they want from your site, in what they are interested when visiting your page, etc. So show them various promoting proposals appropriate to their requirements. A good solution can be putting a line between for example visitors and customers.

     5. Pay particular attention to the offers

Popups have a wonderful habit to blow the customer’s attention. So your offers should be unique, attractive and vital, in order to awake your visitors interest.

  1. In no case overdo your popups

Avoid your popups to display on all the pages of your site. Show them only once per each page guest. Also be sure that for the users who have already signed-up for subscription your popup will not appear again.

  1. Make the popups valuable

Bearing in mind how effective tools popups are for marketing, we should not be limited only by showing popups for subscription, for email addresses or just for showing various images. Make them visit in order to thank, to give a help. For example if you run a site of online shopping, it will be the best solution if you ask the customers their location in order to offer them the products which you  can deliver. Or you can help them offering to make it easy to be in touch with sales representatives if they want to speak with them.

So we are sure that you will have various interesting ways for using your popups. So do not waste your time and make your popups more effective for your business. Your desired result will not make you wait.



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