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Need financial means for the maintenance of your website? Most part of the financial resources come from the ads? Most probably, you must have faced the problem of getting through obstacles caused by Ad Blocking software usage. Users of the web avoid seeing advertisements, so they often add this kind of software to block those ads. So, here we have a task to persuade these users that the ads on our page can be useful for them.   This is now possible through the AdBlock popup   AdBlock popup is an event that can be given to almost any popup type. The idea of the AdBlock event is that it detects the application of an Ad Blocking software. Through this [...]
Geotargeting is the segmenting of plausible customers taking into consideration the specific traits of people living in a certain region and the use of this info to fulfill marketing objectives. These peculiarities are either specific national traits or features that are dependent upon particular regional conditions. Simply put, there are multiple characteristic features inherent to people living in different locations of the world. Additionally, there may be other circumstances that condition the interests and needs of people living in a particular region. With the advance of modern technologies new opportunities have emerged making geotargeting more flexible and more real. The multiple types of online tools and informative resources have made it possible to outsource the necessary data to be used [...]
"Marketing without data is like driving with your eyes closed "Dan Zarella (award-winning social media scientist) One of the key counterparts in traditional, as well as in online marketing is targeting. Targeting is like acting with a purpose versus acting spontaneously. To be sure, adhering to the goal has always given better results. So, it’s much better to plan everything beforehand by targeting your plausible customers according to different criteria. Thus, marketers use many different factors when grouping potential customers. These factors include classification based on demographic, geographic, psychographic, behavioral aspects. And these targeting criteria are actual on the online platform as well. There are many online tools used to classify plausible customers. In the scope of this article, we [...]
Recently, we have spoken a lot about the importance of being polite and mild when it comes to the usage of popups. Imagine you are a company representative who has been assigned to visit several companies and to make certain offers. Would it be acceptable for you to make the same offer over and over again after getting a refusal once? Well, at least, your second offer has to be more beneficial in order to capture the addressee’s attention. The same works on the web. Making the same popup appear more than once creates an impression as if you want to force something to your audience. And as we know, none of us wants to be forced to do a [...]
Did you know that popup ads were created some 20 years ago by Ethan Zuckerman? Surely, they expanded during this period as a result of web development and accordingly, were grouped into several classes. In spite of the fact, that the users of the web generally don’t like them at first glance, and if you are one of those people, we strongly believe that going deeper into the essence of popups will change your stance significantly. So, saying that you don’t like popups is just like saying that you feel antipathy towards someone without knowing their true character. And the main objection made by people disliking popups is that they are annoying. Well, my friend, not all of the popups [...]
"Give ordinary people the right tools, and they will design and build the most extraordinary things" Neil Gershenfeld During the recent years, web technologies increasing online work productivity have developed so much that it’s not mandatory to be tech savvy for someone to create and run his/her own website. It’s also not compulsory for you to have a graduate degree in marketing so as you can run successful online marketing campaigns and promote your website. Nonetheless, all of these opportunities were brought to life due to programmers and marketers to assist people who wish to generate websites and publicize them to make most out of their businesses within reasonable time limits.   There exist various examples, where technologies have helped [...]
Sewing Social Accounts Together (the Third Step) The productive business project needs not less productive teamwork on the Internet, to strengthen and actively oversee all the websites and social accounts every single day for hours. It is worthy to realize for your team that you all have the main purpose, no matter if they do different works. "If you could get all the people in an organization rowing in the same direction, you could dominate any industry, in any market, against any competition, at any time." Patrick Lencioni, best-selling author There are lots of clues such as tools and useful plugins spread out through the internet. Thus, it will be a great approach for us to find all these clues and make all the [...]
If your website has a plenty of traffic, but it does not have enough conversions, then it’s the very time to review your approach and think about other ways to ameliorate your conversions. If you are interested in it, so this post is for you, as we are going to speak about a good conversion rates and the useful steps that will help you to improve them as well. Regardless of what online business you do, your website should have some goals, such as invite people to become your email list promising member, buy any product, or just follow you. We all know what is a Conversion. It refers to all kind of websites and happens when a page guest [...]
It has been tested for a long time that popup windows are effective hints about any kind of info related with our site. These little helpers enable us to be in touch with people online. But we all know that the main purpose of popup use is to ask visitor to become your subscriber. But here we should keep in mind that only in case of good popups your visitor will trust you, filling his/her details. In order to have pleasant ones, there are some frequent mistakes you must avoid. “Good popups” do not bore page guests and are used for the right purpose. With this post I am readying to speak about the main mistakes that many of us [...]
As time goes by, users com to the conclusion that having a well-designed and good looking site is not enough for desired success. There are various essential conditions that contribute to success of your hard work. And one of that essential conditions is considered to be a friendly contact form for your site, about which we want to speak in this post. As you run a website, undoubtedly you should be in touch with your customers, get solutions for their questions and so on. Contact forms are the most easy and convenient way for that. Long ago people would like to send emails or just make a call. But now things have been changed a lot. People do not have [...]